Traditional Editing Services

Traditional editing services are just that – they’re traditional. They’re what you’d expect to receive from an in-house publisher should you choose the traditional publication route, except with, I hope, more flourish and personality. These are the basics I recommend every author receives on every manuscript, regardless of the author’s skill.

The Initial Critique: This is a free service (yes, I said free!) where I will read through the first 2,000 words of your manuscript to help you decide which type of editing will benefit your story the most. You will receive a report with the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses with an editing recommendation. Did I mention that it’s free?! (FREE!)

The Developmental: This is an in-depth analysis of your manuscript. It includes comments on plot, character, point of view, writing style, consistency, and organization of scenes and chapters. You will receive an analysis between 10-20 pages with a step-by-step plan for revisions, comments within the manuscript, and a one-hour phone call with me to ask any questions you have. ($0.03/word)

The Line: This level of editing digs deep in the manuscript to look at the nuts and bolts. This includes comments on dialogue, point of view, sentence structure, and writing style. It will focus on making your writing stronger, clearer, and more focused. Suggested changes will be marked directly in the manuscript using Word’s Track Changes feature, with the ability for the author to accept or decline each change. You will receive your manuscript with suggestions and comments and a one-hour phone call with me to ask any questions. ($0.02/word)

The Copy: Copy editing looks at only the grammar and punctuation of the manuscript. This includes spelling, grammar, formatting, and continuity errors. Please note that, as I am in the United States, my default is American English unless the author tells me otherwise. I rely heavily on The Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. You will receive your manuscript with suggested changes marked directly in it using Word’s Track Changes feature and two follow-up emails to ask any questions. ($0.01/word)