Additional Services

These are all the other services I offer that don’t quite fit in a box, but they’re equally important in the writing, editing, and publishing process.

The Beta: Beta reading is an important step in the pre-publication process, and it offers a reader’s perspective of your story. For this, you choose how much I read (the whole book or just a portion). What you will receive is my thoughts (as a reader) of what works well and what doesn’t – and why, a list of questions or concerns, inconsistencies that I find, and overall comments about receptivity for your target readers. What you may receive is a list of grammatical/spelling/word choice errors I may catch in the process, though I won’t specifically look for these as this is a copy edit task. What is not included is a detailed breakdown of how to fix the errors and concerns, as that is a developmental edit task. ($5/1,000 words, 1,000 words minimum; $0.005/word – half a penny per word)

The Proof: Proofreading happens after beta reading, edits, and formatting. Though I don’t provide formatting services, I will proofread your manuscript to ensure that there were no errors made in the formatting process. Things I will look for are spelling errors and incorrect spacing. I will note these directly in the manuscript using Word’s comments feature. ($3/1,000 words; 1,000 words minimum; $0.0025/word – quarter of a penny per word)

The Review: You’ve just published your book. That’s fantastic! I’m sure you’ve labored over your book for months or possibly years to make it the best it can be, and now you need people to read and review it. Did I mention I love books? *pick me!* For this, I will read your book and leave an honest review on major review websites, including (but not limited to): Amazon, Goodreads, Litsy, my blog, and more. Note that I said an honest review. I work based off a true 5-star system where 3 stars is, in fact, an average rating – and a good one. I leave detailed reviews and talk about the great things and the not-so-great things. If you’d like to learn more about my starred reviews, click here. (No additional cost besides the e-book or print copy of your book.)