As an author, you may need different services for different projects over the course of your writing career. For those who are finding themselves at the starting line, you might need a push to begin. For those with the finish line on the horizon, you might need a more formal and structured approach. Whatever your needs are at this moment, I tailor my services to you and offer you a unique package to help you find your way to publication.


There are three tiers:

Traditional editing services are just that – they’re traditional. They’re what you’d expect to receive from an in-house publisher should you choose the traditional publication route, except with, I hope, more flourish and personality. These are the basics I recommend every author receives on every manuscript, regardless of the author’s skill.

The Long Haul services are ones that require a greater time and energy investment than a traditional edit or other service. They also have the additional option of a one-on-one Skype (or phone call) session with me at regular intervals. I’m here to see you through all steps of the publication process.

Additional services include everything else I offer that doesn’t quite fit in a box, but they’re equally important in the writing, editing, and publishing process. This list is being constantly updated as I find new ways to help authors like you.

If you have a question, please contact me here.