Hi! My name is Cayleigh, and I want to help you write, edit, and publish your book. Why? Because the world needs more great stories, of course.


Who am I?

I’m a reader. I am, most of all, a reader, a consumer of words, and this facet of my identity was developed early in life. I’ll read nearly anything, though my favorites are mystery, thriller, crime, young adult, and literary fiction. I love reading a good story by women authors, POC authors, and authors in the LGBT+ community, and, of course, characters who fall in any (or all!) of those categories. I’ve been expanding my literary horizons and exploring middle-grade fiction and fantasy as well.


I’m a writer. I’m not sure when I started writing, but I know it was when I was young. I carried with me a journal, the kind with a locket in the shape of a cat on it to keep safe all my secrets. Secrets being the fictional worlds I created. As I experience more of the world, my fiction broadens and becomes more complex. You can find my published stories here and here. Right now, I am working on a middle-grade mystery series featuring a quirky twelve-year-old girl and her tabby cat.


I’m an editor. I specialize in all kinds of editing, and I find the entire process thrilling. Punctuation tickles me in all the best ways, and I enjoy spending my days debating whether I should end a sentence with a period or semicolon. (And that’s justĀ oneĀ sentence!) Getting down and dirty with a manuscript and playing with the structure and wording is what I love doing most. I received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Language and Literature, with a minor in writing, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, with a minor in biology, from the University of Tampa. There, I completed several independent studies that allowed me to practice not only creative writing but technical writing. I combine my skills as a writer and psychologist to create stories that come alive and to help other authors create vibrant stories.


When I’m not buried in books, I can be found playing with my children. I’m a homeschooling mom of two young boys, aged three and one. We can be found at our local library, park, or indoor PlayLand, sometimes all three in a day. When I need to get away from it all, I take a drive through the Utahn canyons and admire the wonder of nature or take a nap. Quite frankly, the naps usually win.